Social Media in Relationships

Negative Impact

Debatably, the most important part of any relationship is loyalty. Being able to trust somebody isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and living within the 21st century doesn’t make it any easier. Social media has become more popular since the early 2000’s. In 2019, it’s truly rare to encounter somebody that doesn’t have an active account on any social media platform. Now, the problem with social media is the constant ease and access to contact with other people. Even though the internet has benefitted society with constant accessible communication, it negatively effects relationships in many areas.

Loyalty & Social Media

Social Media has given individuals access to contact anyone at any time. 50 years ago, people had no gateway to open relationships. This has formed the “hook up generation”. Basically, this is what our elders call our relationship style; since we tend to only be able to hook up with someone, and not commit. Snapchat and Instagram have opened up windows to disloyalty within relationships. Constant access to other people is a hard temptation to resist. It’s human nature. Attention is given and people sometimes feel the urge to give in to it. This is the issue with today’s society.

So what’s the BIG deal??

The big deal is this: The more times that young adults are getting involved with each other and being unable to commit will eventually result in negative mentality and more difficulty settling down in the future. Babies born from 1995-2005 are experiencing false hopes and confusion with what they expect to receive from another person. We don’t understand why it’s so hard to connect with one another. It’s because of social media and the impact it’s had on our social skills and emotional stability.

What should we do instead?

Love is so valuable. Beautiful people are everywhere. Smart people are everywhere. Talented people are everywhere. Of course social media has become a way to show everyone what everyone else in the world looks like or is accomplishing. These celebrities or famous individuals are giving false expectations for kids that need to receive an education, or do something outside of “post-worthy” things. There will always be a car better than yours. Somebody that has more than you. Social media is kind of a way of reminding you that. This can feel condescending for some people. However, that feeling of failure or discourage is why social media is so bad for relationships. It shows you all these other things you could be doing or what you could be, making you feel anxious about the current relationship you’re in. This causes problems and arguments because you don’t feel like you’re good enough. So understand that if somebody loves you, than you’ll always be enough and nobody in the world or on social media should be able to change that. The other issue is that people do cheat by using these social media’s as a way to talk to other people and hide it. That means you’re not ready for a relationship. Trust is earned, not given. If you’re in a relationship with somebody than you need to completely close your circle to you and your significant other. No, i’m not saying you can’t have friends of the opposite gender. But, you shouldn’t keep in contact with exes or even people that you once were or almost were an item with. It’s tricky to understand what people are trying to receive from you on social media as well. A girl could be completely flirting with a guy that has a girlfriend and maybe he missed the signal. Now, you have somebody who potentially will ruin or disrupt your relationship. Once you understand and respect your partner and their past, you’ll begin to realize what you need to do in order to gain their trust and trust them. Communication is key when it comes to understanding each others trust issues or past troubles. Be understanding and empathetic towards them because being betrayed is painful and traumatizing. Filtering your social media to positively impact your relationship is the best decision when trying to commit to a potential future wife or husband.

Thanks for reading! Please submit any thoughts, comments, or questions (: sorry i’m bad at transitions !

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